Fashion News Journal: 2017 Style Update

Designers spend a lot of time creating what will appeal to trendsetters because they know that fashion styles help to define every generation. Staying updated on fashion is important for more than just models and designers. Knowing and wearing what is in style is necessary for people in nearly every career. It proves they are updated and modern. Here are a few of the trends to watch for during 2017.

Bold, Vibrant Colors

Expect to see plenty of the brightest shades of all primary colors. The hottest of all appears to be yellow. Many of the colors border on neon and most are available in solids. They can be worn on their own or paired with contrasting accessories in equally eye-catching brightness.

1980s Retro Wear

Every generation loves to borrow from previous ones and this year it is all about the 80s. This is seen in the single off-shoulder tops (think Flashdance), big shoulders and bottoms with fold-over waists. Shiny fabrics, fitted tops, and giant belts are also trending.

Large Floral Patterns

Even footwear designers are joining in on the floral craze. The desirable patterns are not quiet, pastels but big, loud florals covering both tops and bottoms. Expect to see plenty of bright colors in these designs in everything from weekend dresses to casual work wear.

Big Bold Stripes

Large stripes of red and blue stand out as they are paired with white. Most of these styles have a nautical feel but will be found on much more than beachwear. Smaller, banker strips are also trendy for tops, bottoms, and dresses.

Stylish Athletic Wear

Athletic-inspired clothing that moves easily but looks stylish is gaining popularity. The outfits are designed to be paired with heels, flats, and boots rather than sneakers. This does not mean that sneakers are not also in style. However, just like the clothing mentioned, these items are not for the gym. In-style options include animal prints, sequins and plenty of other accessories.

Art-themed prints, sheer fabrics, and khaki formal wear are just a few of the other items being seen right now on the runway and on the streets of the most fashionable cities in the world. Stay updated by reviewing the latest reports on the Fashion News Journal and learn how to adapt all of these looks to any lifestyle.

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